Alterna 10 – the world’s most expensive shampoo and conditioner

Here at Salon Rouge Penrith we like to treat our ladies with a little luxury when having their hair done.  Well, we are all busy and we all deserve a little ‘me’ time now and then.

We use some fantastic products on a daily basis, but one of our newest is the gorgeous Alterna 10 collection.  The range of shampoos, conditioners and other goodies is one of the most expensive collections in the world; made from a fusion of 10 of the most effective ingredients from around the globe.

Salon RougeIt combines Champagne Grape Seed Oil, Arabian Frankincense, Bulgarian Evening Primrose & 7 more luxurious ingredients.

The range promises to take hair from ordinary to extraordinary, rejuvenating and rebalancing each strand so you have healthier, more resilient and beautiful results.

It certainly does not come cheap, but we love spoiling our ladies with the product and make them feel extra special when they’re getting their hair washed by the Salon Rouge team.  It smells gorgeous, feels great and leaves hair feeling really soft and silky smooth.  If you fancy a treat and splashing out it is something we’d recommend – why not pop in to the Salon next time you need your locks tending to and we’ll pamper you with some Alterna 10 products!


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