Do you need to grow your hair for your wedding?

Here at Salon Rouge Penrith, we meet so many Brides across Cumbria and the Lake District looking for some advice when it comes to their wedding hair.

We find that as soon as many brides get engaged, their focus turns to their wedding look; particularly their wedding hair and how they want it styled for the big day.  A lot of brides decide that is the time to start growing their hair as they want to achieve their dream look, of long luscious curly locks, or a fantastic up do.

services3However, ladies before you lose all sense of style and throw away the scissors just remember you don’t always need to start growing your hair.  Here at Salon Rouge we talk to brides about their vision for their wedding hair.  If it is a style that needs long hair, we don’t always suggest having to grow your hair.  We offer a great range of hair extensions that can be added to your hair for the big day to help achieve your desired look.  The advantage of having extensions if that they will give you fuller, longer hair that is in beautiful condition.

If you grow your hair for your wedding day it may not be as long as you had hoped for, it may not be in great condition, or may look a little limp and lifeless.  Having hair extensions also means you can keep your current style without having to compromise and painstakingly wait for months for it to get to your desired length – then getting it all chopped off afterwards!

Check out our wedding hair gallery to see some of the styles we’ve helped brides achieve.



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