Penrith hairdressers raise over £2,000 for local man

Tanya Tinkler, owner of Salon Rouge in Penrith took on the challenge recently of raising money to help a customer in need, when she found out their husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Kevin Lee, 47 from Penrith was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour after having 2 seizures at work in April 2013. After an operation in May 2014, Kevin was told he had a very aggressive grade 4 tumour called glioblastoma multiforme, that there was no cure and all that could be done at that stage was to prolong his life.

Since, Kevin has undergone various treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and as a result his right hand side does not work properly, he has had even more seizures and lost his appetite.

Kevin’s wife Julie and two daughters have been clients of Salon Rouge for several years and when Tanya and her team heard about what the family were going through, they wanted to see if there was anything they could do to help.

Tanya comments,

“I contacted the family when I found out how ill Kevin was and asked if there was anything that they would like to do as a family, if there was anything they needed to make life any easier, and to see if they were happy for me to do some fundraising to help them.”

Kevin now needs 24 hour care from Julie, who has taken time off work to look after him. He can’t walk without support and uses a wheelchair when out of the house. Through their conversations Tanya found out that they really needed a stair lift, and so the team at Salon Rouge took on the challenge to raise vital funds. Over the past month Salon Rouge has raised £2103.45 which will go towards the stair lift; ensuring his time at home remains as normal and easy as possible.

To raise money for the stair lift, Tanya initially posted a status on the Salon Rouge Facebook business page about Kevin and what the team had set out to do, which was viewed by over 8800 people. They held a two day cake sale at the salon on the 6th and 7th of February, people gave cash donations and they also held a raffle in which they had over 30 prizes donated towards their fundraising mission.

Since posting the information on Facebook, Hastings Wagons also managed to raise £1,700 and another of Tanya’s customers who felt passionate about helping, held a darts night and auction and raised even more money. Kevin’s wife Julie works at Brunswick Road School who also held a non-uniform day to help raise money and The Great Salkeld Miniature Motorcycle Club also made a kind donation towards the stair lift.

Credit to Lisa at for putting together our press release.

Do you need to grow your hair for your wedding?

Here at Salon Rouge Penrith, we meet so many Brides across Cumbria and the Lake District looking for some advice when it comes to their wedding hair.

We find that as soon as many brides get engaged, their focus turns to their wedding look; particularly their wedding hair and how they want it styled for the big day.  A lot of brides decide that is the time to start growing their hair as they want to achieve their dream look, of long luscious curly locks, or a fantastic up do.

services3However, ladies before you lose all sense of style and throw away the scissors just remember you don’t always need to start growing your hair.  Here at Salon Rouge we talk to brides about their vision for their wedding hair.  If it is a style that needs long hair, we don’t always suggest having to grow your hair.  We offer a great range of hair extensions that can be added to your hair for the big day to help achieve your desired look.  The advantage of having extensions if that they will give you fuller, longer hair that is in beautiful condition.

If you grow your hair for your wedding day it may not be as long as you had hoped for, it may not be in great condition, or may look a little limp and lifeless.  Having hair extensions also means you can keep your current style without having to compromise and painstakingly wait for months for it to get to your desired length – then getting it all chopped off afterwards!

Check out our wedding hair gallery to see some of the styles we’ve helped brides achieve.


Alterna 10 – the world’s most expensive shampoo and conditioner

Here at Salon Rouge Penrith we like to treat our ladies with a little luxury when having their hair done.  Well, we are all busy and we all deserve a little ‘me’ time now and then.

We use some fantastic products on a daily basis, but one of our newest is the gorgeous Alterna 10 collection.  The range of shampoos, conditioners and other goodies is one of the most expensive collections in the world; made from a fusion of 10 of the most effective ingredients from around the globe.

Salon RougeIt combines Champagne Grape Seed Oil, Arabian Frankincense, Bulgarian Evening Primrose & 7 more luxurious ingredients.

The range promises to take hair from ordinary to extraordinary, rejuvenating and rebalancing each strand so you have healthier, more resilient and beautiful results.

It certainly does not come cheap, but we love spoiling our ladies with the product and make them feel extra special when they’re getting their hair washed by the Salon Rouge team.  It smells gorgeous, feels great and leaves hair feeling really soft and silky smooth.  If you fancy a treat and splashing out it is something we’d recommend – why not pop in to the Salon next time you need your locks tending to and we’ll pamper you with some Alterna 10 products!

Salon Rouge Penrith – now online

Welcome to our first blog post – and our brand new website!

We are so excited to have a new website and we hope you enjoy browsing the various different sections of it.  We decided to create a new website, so customers can actually find us – at the moment we only have a Facebook page and we felt we needed a greater presence on the internet.

We also wanted a space where we should share photos of our work, engage with our customers and also update you on the latest trends and industry news in our blog.

We hope you like our website and will come back time and time again to find out more about the team at Salon Rouge Penrith!